The façade of the new Nara Roesler gallery in Chelsea.
Photo: Charles Roussel

Nara Roesler

The Brazilian gallery is providing a number of high-caliber works to the show house, including an incredible Raul Mourão sculpture on the grounds.

Opening a new building during a pandemic is no small feat but that’s exactly what Nara Roesler did. The celebrated Brazilian gallery, founded by Nara Roesler in 1989, represents seminal Brazilian and international artists from the 1950s through to the emerging stars of today. The sprawling new space in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, which joins locations in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, opened last year. Designed by Brazilian architect Miguel Pinto Guimarães, the sprawling location is hosting the group show “On the Shoulders of Giants,” curated by Raphael Fonseca, through August 20.

“Seeing the artist’s work in a domestic space forms a beautiful dialogue of scale and setting,” says director Frederik Schampers, who collaborated with Geoffrey De Sousa, Rayman Boozer, and Andre Hilton the art in their rooms. “The collector can envision ways to live and appreciate the work in their home.” 

Alexandre Arrechea, Ultimos Dias (Last Days), 2020.

Artists at the Galerie House of Art and Design: Alexandre Arrechea, Karin Lambrecht, Julio Le Parc, Marco Maggi, Fábio Miguez, Amelia Toledo, Cristina Canale. Plus, there’s a large-scale installation by Raul Mourão on the grounds.

The Galerie House of Art and Design will kick off with a VIP event on August 5, with public viewings taking place from August 7 through September 6. Click here to view the full list of participating galleries and artists. 

Cover: The façade of the new Nara Roesler gallery in Chelsea.
Photo: Charles Roussel


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