Yann Nury at La Résidence with his library of Michelin Guides.
Photo: Mark Mann

The Collectors: Yann Nury

Yann Nury. Photo: MARK MANN

Yann Nury is more than a chef. The extraordinarily bespoke events he creates for major fashion houses, luxury brands, and discerning private clients dazzle as much for the delectable cuisine he presents as for the atmosphere he conjures with his careful curation of service pieces and tableware. With the recent debut of La Résidence, his invitation-only entertaining space and atelier in New York, Nury now has the ultimate showcase for his dizzying collection of vintage crystal, silverware, and culinary objects, assembled over the past 20 years.

“It’s not just having these things but people using them,” he says. “It makes me so happy when I see the lines of them on the trays in the back of the house at an event.” Designed by Paris-based architect Charles Zana, the penthouse is filled with hosting inspiration, including a massive Charlotte Perriand Brazza cabinet originally designed for Air France that brims with glassware, plates, a fraction of Nury’s 300 copper pots, and an almost complete series of Michelin Guides.

Apartment of Yann Nury. Photo: Mark Mann

Chef’s specials: “The duck press from Ledoyen was a gift from my wife and definitely one of my treasures. I also have a meat slicer from Maxim’s of Paris and a gong by Jean Dunand that once belonged to Andy Warhol.”

A small fraction of his collection of tabletop silver. Photo: Yann Nury

Collecting quantity: “What excites me is the scale. I obsessed about a Gio Ponti–designed Reed & Barton silverware set called Diamond. It took me about ten years, but now I have 150 setups, which is over 1,200 pieces.”

Yann Nury's library of Michelin Guides. Photo: Mark Mann

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Cover: Yann Nury at La Résidence with his library of Michelin Guides.
Photo: Mark Mann


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