Main room of the Saloon at Ralph Lauren’s home in Colorado, the Double RL Ranch.

Ralph Lauren Home Celebrates 40 Years with a Comprehensive New Tome

Ralph Lauren: A Way of Living goes inside the iconic designer’s many homes and chronicles his fashion-forward restaurant interiors and bespoke furniture creations

Perhaps no American icon has made a greater impact on how we dress—and even how we decorate—than Ralph Lauren. This fall, he debuts his first book on home design, Ralph Lauren: A Way of Living (Rizzoli), which presents a vivid and in-depth look at his inimitable influence while honoring a landmark anniversary for Ralph Lauren Home.

“This book celebrates the way I live with my family and 40 years of my home collection,” says Lauren. “I started designing for the home because I wanted to create a complete world and tell stories.”

Interior of the brand’s palazzo in Milan. Photo: VIRGILE GUINARD

This irresistible volume will leave readers nostalgic for decades past and spark future decorating plans. A definitive style statement on any coffee table, A Way of Living will be read and revisited, undoubtedly developing the same burnished glow as the brand’s classic leather Writer’s chair. Divided into three sections, the book opens by exploring the designer’s own residence on Manhattan’s Fifth Avenue as well as his houses in Jamaica, Montauk, Colorado, and Bedford, New York.

“Each of my homes has its own personality reflective of the environment, the land, the history of the property, and the way in which we live in these spaces,” he explains. “Whether it’s being on the ocean in Montauk or the free spirit of the mountains in Colorado, each has its own distinct character built on a respect for tradition.”

Main room of the Saloon at Ralph Lauren’s home in Colorado, the Double RL Ranch. Photo: BJÖRN WALLANDER

In every location, the level of style is unquestionable and showcases Lauren’s mastery of adapting both fashion and furnishings from place to place. Each comes alive not just through stunning photography but also first-person essays, heartfelt anecdotes, and family memories. “It was my personal homes and the lifestyles they evoke that inspired my collections—and still do today,” says Lauren, whose properties on first glance enthrall with their majestic beauty but reveal depths of character and warmth on more careful inspection.

“It is the eclectic mix that makes it interesting and personal”

Ralph Lauren

The book’s second section catalogues the past four decades of Ralph Lauren Home. Here, various examples of layering—including rooms enveloped in patterns and prints, a dining table precisely set for lavish entertaining, and beds outfitted in sumptuous combinations of pillows and blankets—bring the Ralph Lauren aesthetic to life. “For me, it is always about personal style,” he says. “Whether I am focused on what you are wearing or how you live, it is the eclectic mix that makes it interesting and personal.” 

A cozy booth at RL Restaurant in Chicago. Photo: KATRINA WITTKAMP

An in-depth visual timeline of the Ralph Lauren Home brand inspires awe with its magnitude of milestones. Each moment represents yet another benchmark for Lauren in the world of design, consistently tearing down barriers between fashion and home. These pages commemorate the pioneering use of fabrics and patterns from clothing in interiors or creating runway settings utilizing furnishings. Later years highlight the clubby Ralph Lauren restaurants and bars in New York, Chicago, Paris, Milan, and even Chengdu, China—the popularity of which is apparent to anyone who has ever tried to procure a reservation.

Made-to-order Hudson Street lounge chair. Photo: PIETER ESTERSOHN

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Appropriately, the book concludes with the events marking Ralph Lauren Home’s four decades of style setting, including a special version of the iconic Hudson Street lounge chair with leather-wrapped arms, which will be limited to an edition of ten—undoubtedly another icon in the making.

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Cover: Main room of the Saloon at Ralph Lauren’s home in Colorado, the Double RL Ranch.


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