JW Marriott x Flamingo Estate Expansion candle.
Photo: Sean Hazen

Flamingo Estate Launches Collaboration with JW Marriott Hotels

The luxury hospitality brand crafts a new holistic experience for guests that awakens the senses

Flamingo Estate is going global with its newest collaboration with JW Marriott. The Los Angeles–based lifestyle brand just launched a sensorial experience with the major luxury hotel portfolio of over 100 properties spanning over 35 countries and territories. Guests of select JW Marriott locations will go on a journey that sparks the senses of smell, sound, and taste with a fresh signature scent, natural-inspired sounds, and honey from California.

Inspired by J Willard Marriott and Alice Marriott’s love of nature and gardening, each JW Marriott property houses a garden where guests can explore and staff can harvest fresh herbs and vegetables for culinary offerings, spa treatments, and turn-down amenities.

“When we were thinking about a partner that we could collaborate with, we were really thinking about ones that beautifully tied into this idea of nature and well-being, but also in a way that felt elevated and luxurious,” explains Bruce Rohr, Vice President and Global Brand Leader of JW Marriott. With many of these exquisite gardens designed by Studio Lily Kwong, the JW Garden is a staple to the hospitality experience and ties into the Flamingo Estate mission to celebrate the natural world through garden-grown products created the slow way.

JW Marriott x Flamingo Estate honey. Photo: Sean Hazen

California wildflower co-branded honey with holy basil and bergamot. Photo: Sean Hazen

“I think there’s this real sense of our life getting more shallow because we’re not experiencing our senses deeply. We’re not tasting and touching and smelling the earth and traveling into the wilderness,” Flamingo Estate founder Richard Christiansen tells Galerie. “I hope we can bring that into people’s world through the products we make and the things we do. One of the greatest luxuries is to slow down.”

Flamingo Estate beehives. Photo: Sean Hazen

Beekeeper at Flamingo Estate. Photo: Sean Hazen

As guests enter the hotel, the co-branded scent Expansion wafts through the lobby and other public spaces with notes of holy basil, lotus flower, and rosemary. “Scent is especially exciting because if you think about times that we’ve all encountered a scent that might bring back a really pleasant memory, it takes you back in time, so I’m hopeful that the guests will encounter our new signature scent and that guest is going to think back to this amazing stay they had with JW Marriott,” says Rohr. The herbaceous aromas are encapsulated in a hand-poured candle for guests to purchase and bring home to remember their stay.

Nature is also infused in the soundtrack of the JW Marriott properties, tailored to the time of day. Four playlists—Aurora, Sun, Twilight, and Moon—incorporate atmospheric sounds and melodic compositions to encourage mindfulness and bring a distinct energy at different times of the day as guests move in and out of the space and are available on Flamingo Estate’s Spotify channel.

JW Marriott x Flamingo Estate Expansion candle. Photo: Sean Hazen

JW Marriott x Flamingo Estate sensory collection. Photo: Sean Hazen

One of the mainstays to the Flamingo Estate brand is its honey. Growing up on a farm in Australia where both his parents were beekeepers, Christiansen inherently learned the art of beekeeping himself. The first thing he did when building up Flamingo Estate was put hives in the garden, and now the venture offers a wide array of honeys, even launching celebrity batches with creatives such as Ai Weiwei and Tiffany Haddish. The new JW Marriott and Flamingo Estate signature honey melds California native mountain wildflower honey with holy basil and bergamot. The special adaptogenic and antioxidant-rich honey is incorporated in the food and beverage program, which features elixirs, cocktails, and savory dishes bursting with the unique flavors.

The Suite Shop at JW Marriott Essex House in New York City. Photo: Courtesy of Flamingo Estate

The Suite Shop at JW Marriott Essex House in New York City. Photo: Courtesy of Flamingo Estate

These exclusive products will be part of an immersive pop-up shop in key JW Marriott locations across the globe. The Suite Shop will be a special opportunity to bring the collection home including the co-branded honey, candle, and travel products. Visit the select locations in Dallas, Mexico, City, Madrid, Bengaluru, and New York to get the full experience.

Cover: JW Marriott x Flamingo Estate Expansion candle.
Photo: Sean Hazen


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