Molten&C new outdoor collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Molteni&C

Molteni&C Unveils New Outdoor Collection with Vincent Van Duysen and Yabu Pushelberg

Utilizing stunning materials and sophisticated shapes, the new pieces carry the beauty and craftsmanship of the brand's interior furniture to the outside

Petalo armchair and Picea table by Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni&C. Photo: Courtesy of Molteni&C

Refined Italian craftsmanship has long been a hallmark of Molteni&C’s furniture for interiors, and under the creative direction of architect and designer Vincent Van Duysen, the collection’s clean lines and sophisticated tailoring have only gotten sharper. This month, the brand released its latest outdoor pieces, and the array of seating, tables, and longues reveal an equally considered attention to detail with elevated materials that are both sumptuous to the touch but sturdy enough to withstand the elements.

“This revisitation for the new Molteni&C collection is very special as it falls in the year of the 90th anniversary celebration of the company,” Van Duysen tells Galerie. “The result is an exquisite and uplifting vibe, a prospective to celebrate such an anniversary, with elements that are more theatrical yet always very contained, controlled, and balanced as in both Molteni&C’s and my DNA.”

Sway sofa by Yabu Pushelberg and Boboli armchair by Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni&C. Photo: Courtesy of Molteni&C

Among the introductions is a new two-seater sofa that expands Van Duysen’s iconic Boboli design, as well as the Cobea armchair and Fairmount outdoor table, available in both round and rectangular shapes. Also from the designer are the enveloping Petalo armchair and the hourglass-shaped Picea cocktail table, crafted entirely in ceramic.

“The starting point and inspiration were to upgrade the art of living and to celebrate the masters of Milanese architecture and interior like Piero Portaluppi,” says Van Duysen. “I really admire the grandeur of his creations and the graphical expression in his work. The mixture of noble stones, palette, and wood in a distinctive and restrained way—it’s theatrical and grand, in line with his legacy.”

Cobea chair and Fairmount dining table by Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni&C. Photo: Courtesy of Molteni&C

Another debut is Yabu Pushelberg‘s Sway modular sofa system, which combines 11 elements that can be configured into a graceful grouping of both straight lines and elegant waves.

“In Japan, we see things as less is more,” says Yabu Pushelberg principal George Yabu. “That is how we approached Sway, made possible with the meticulous engineering skills of Molteni&C. For example, the Sway table is inspired by a tatami mat. At first glance, it is unclear whether it is a seat or a table, but the beauty of it is it can be whatever you choose. The details matter here, to provide this effortless feel. Same goes for the modularity of the sofa.”

Sway sofa by Yabu Pushelberg and Petalo armchair by Vincent Van Duysen for Molteni&C. Photo: Courtesy of Molteni&C

Sway’s sofas, chaise lounges, side terminal, central island, and connecting seats emanates from a solid teak base, then is enveloped in an aluminum frame enhanced with rope weave. “Aesthetically we wanted to make Sway feel like a piece of sculpture for the outdoors,” Yabu Pushelberg’s Glenn Pushelberg states. “The back of the Sway sofa is like a Richard Serra curve. How we achieved this was by shrinking and flattening the metal backing from a round tube to a flat weave which loosens its profile. We created layers of horizontal layering through the Sway sofa base, back, and cushion which are expressed through a range of natural materials that connect to the outdoors.”

Molteni&C's D.150.5 outdoor armchairs made in collaboration with the Gio Ponti archives. Photo: Courtesy of Molteni&C

Guell sunbed from Molteni&C's outdoor collection. Photo: Courtesy of Molteni&C

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Easily mixed, both the Yabu Pushelberg designs and the selections by Vincent Van Duysen celebrate the best of Italian craftsmanship while orchestrating a soigné setting for enjoying the outdoors. “Molteni&C creates beautiful objects and approaches engineering with great pride,” adds Yabu. “We pair this with a playful and curious energy that creates a collection that moves us both forward.”

Cover: Molten&C new outdoor collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Molteni&C


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