The celebrity decorator shared his tips for creating memorable holiday decor.
Photo: Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Shares His Top 5 Rules for Holiday Decorating

The design star talks to Galerie about creating memorable holiday decor

Martyn Lawrence Bullard is renowned for his eclectic decorating style, which often pairs punchy patterns with bold pops of color. So when it comes to creating holiday magic, it makes sense that the Los Angeles designer, whose star-studded clientele includes several members of the Kardashian clan, imbues every element with his signature flair.

In light of the winter wonderlands he’s conjured in years past, we asked the celebrated designer to share his five top tips for creating memorable, personal holiday decor.

Incorporate fresh flowers

“I love to use fresh, natural flowers and fruit when decorating for the holidays. For the flowers, add individual water tubes to the stems before adding to the tree or garlands. This will prolong the life of the flowers and keep them fresh looking for a week or so. To maintain freshness, avoid placing directly next to tree lights.”

Bullard included fresh pomegranates on his Christmas tree. Photo: Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Use only one shade of Christmas lights

“White lights are my particular favorite. However, small red or green lights also add an unusual holiday look that’s festive and original to you. Always hang your lights on the tree first before adding the decorations, and plug them in to make sure they work before you start decorating. You don’t want to have to remove all the ornaments to change out faulty lights.”

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Bullard recommends buying plain wreaths and garlands and adorning them with your choice of decorations. Photo: Martyn Lawrence Bullard

Create your own wreath

“Always make sure your guests’ first impressions are festive and fun by placing a decorative wreath on your door. I love to wire in fruit and flowers on mine. I’ll buy a ready-made wreath from the Christmas tree lot and then add my own choice of decorations, often in a specific color palette, wiring in fruits that match that palette. Pomegranates, oranges, and berries are my favorites because of their longevity, fragrance, and color.”

Bring out family heirlooms

“For a special holiday moment that brings family memories to the forefront, add family heirlooms and keepsakes to the table. I use my grandmother’s silver cutlery, my godmother’s ruby-red glasses, apple decorations my parents had on the Christmas tree when I was growing up, and collectibles I’ve gathered over the years that I hope my future family generations will love to use and enjoy on their own holiday tablescapes.”

Bullard suggests choosing a color palette for your decor and incorporating it throughout. Photo: Martyn Lawrence Bullard

 Settle on a color palette for your gifts

“When wrapping gifts, I like to do mine in a color palette that matches that year’s decor. Maybe gold and red, or green and silver, whatever you have chosen as your look. I will buy paper in both colors and alternate the gifts, doing half in one color and the other half in the other, then use ribbon in the alternating color on each, so red ribbon on the gold paper and gold ribbon on the red. This way I know how to differentiate which gifts are mine under the tree, and it keeps my whole décor in tune whilst they sit under the tree waiting for their happy recipients.”

Cover: The celebrity decorator shared his tips for creating memorable holiday decor.
Photo: Martyn Lawrence Bullard


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