Seabourn Ovation cruise.
Photo: Courtesy of Seabourn

This Luxury Cruise Line Is Brimming with Custom Art

Seabourn boasts a stellar collection of more than 1,600 artworks by Frank Stella, Luciano Vistosi, Zemer Peled, and Fenella Elms

The Ovation’s spiral staircase surrounds Luciano Vistosi’s crystal artwork Warrior the Second. Photo: Courtesy of Seabourn

They say getting there is half the fun, but Seabourn also makes the journey a beautiful experience. The luxury cruise company has enlisted ArtLink to curate more than 1,600 works (300 of them custom) for its two largest ships, Ovation and Encore

Designed in collaboration with Adam Tihany, the dazzling interiors “provide cultural references, alternative points of view, moments of reflection, and tastes of foreign cultures,” says ArtLink’s Celine Strypsteen. “After all, curiosity for the new, the different, and the unknown has always been a fundamental reason for people to board ships.”

Raising the bar even more, Seabourn has announced its inaugural 146-day World Cruise: Extraordinary Destinations, which sets sail in January 2020 and will dock in 62 ports in 36 countries on five continents. Talk about extraordinary.

A porcelain sculpture by Zemer Peled. Photo: Assaf Pinchuk Photography

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Artist Fenella Elms’s Round Flow anchors this seating area. Photo: Assaf Pinchuk Photography
Maelle Doliveux’s works Autumna and Aestas in a dining area. Photo: Assaf Pinchuk Photography

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Cover: Seabourn Ovation cruise.
Photo: Courtesy of Seabourn


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