Achille Salvagni

The renowned architect and designer is following his debut monograph with an expanded London gallery
Achille Salvagni. Photo: Giovanni Malgarini

From the largest estate in Mumbai to a luxuriously compact yacht, designer and architect Achille Salvagni’s creativity knows no bounds. Even his debut monograph, which Rizzoli released this past fall, sits outside the box. “I much more prefer books where I am surprised by the flow of the arguments and the images,” says Salvagni, who grouped award-winning projects by themes such as audacity, harmony, and heritage.

This spring, Salvagni will debut new pieces at PAD Paris, his first time presenting at the vaunted art and design fair. Simultaneously, he will open his new London gallery, which will feature his latest experiments with Murano glass and stained parchment.

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Achille Salvagni’s Pompeii Collection in his London atelier. Photo: Paolo Petrignani

Spring will also bring to fruition many of his long-standing interiors projects, including a total overhaul of a Manhattan townhouse, a 135-foot yacht for an American tycoon, and a 40,000-square-foot residence in Mumbai. “I have this architecture DNA that cannot allow me just to be superficial.” 

An interior of a London home by Achille Salvagni from his new monograph. Photo: Paolo Petrignani

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