Izabela Depczyk

By the time Izabela Depczyk became the CEO of Paddle8 last year, the online auction site—founded in 2011 as a traditional-auction disruptor—had already evolved into what it now calls “the leading cultural e-commerce platform.”

“Our future is in cultivating a new generation of younger collectors who have more and more wealth and who consume a lot of culture but who would never think of themselves as collectors,” she says. “We use their language and the things that resonate with them.”

Paddle8 CEO Izabela Depczyk, here with a custom installation by Yok & Sheryo, at her company’s New York headquarters. She wears a dress and shoes by Dior. Photo: Melanie Dunea

Since Depczyk assumed the company’s helm, Paddle8’s benefit auctions have ventured into unexplored areas, like gaming, and the company has joined forces with the new-media platform Highsnobiety for online sales of curated street art, artist’s collectibles, and street wear. The new Paddle8 Artist Program commissions talents, like Madrid-based Nuria Mora and Australian-Singaporean duo Yok & Sheryo, to create site-specific murals at the company’s New York headquarters. And last year, P8Pass became the art market’s first blockchain authentication service. “It’s helpful to be able to trace a piece from its creation,” Depczyk says. “We’re all about making the market as transparent as possible.”

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Front conference space of Paddle8. Photo: Chris Coe, Courtesy of Paddle8
Nuria Mora installation in Paddle8 headquarters. Photo: Chris Coe, Courtesy of Paddle8

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