VIDEO: Benjamin Soleimani Shares His Extraordinary Approach to Rugs

Soleimani welcomes Galerie into Mansour, the sprawling Los Angeles showroom that features one of the world's largest collection of rugs

Coming from four generations of rug purveyors, it’s no surprise that Benjamin Soleimani’s earliest memories are of rugs. Following in the footsteps of his family, who has been in the business for three generations, he is known for his comprehensive knowledge of rugs and photographic memory for pattern. Here, he welcomes Galerie into Mansour, his enormous Los Angeles showroom on Melrose Avenue. From rare antiques to completely new designs, the breadth of selection is unparalleled and is considered the world’s largest collection of rugs and tapestries. Additionally, he’s partnered with some of the most celebrated designers, including Michael S. Smith and Victoria Hagan, to create extraordinary collections. But the selection doesn’t end with the thousands of options at Mansour. Soleimani also works one-on-one with designers to custom create the perfect rug to tie any space together.



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