The Salon Art + Design takes over New York’s Park Avenue Armory.
Photo: Courtesy of Madison/BFA

Top Interior Designers Pick the Best Pieces from Salon Art + Design

Jamie Drake, Richard Mishaan, Nina Campbell, and more share their favorite works on display

Designers, architects, and collectors swarmed the magnificent Park Avenue Armory in New York City on Thursday evening to get a preview of the annual Salon Art + Design fair, a stunning display known for its eclectic mix of furniture, decorative, and fine arts. Of the more than 50 galleries from 11 countries represented, brisk sales were reported in the opening hours. An incredible 3,500 attended the VIP opening, a record for the event. Whether they were shopping for clients or themselves—or simply seeking inspiration, there was something for everyone. Here, we speak to some of the top designers about their must-haves (some of which have already been snapped up).

“At Galerie Chastel-Maréchal, I found this unique piece that Serge Roche made for his own place. Composed of old mirror and white plaster, as so many of his creations are, the object’s play of light and shadow is beautiful. It is modern and hints of the baroque—timeless chic!” –Suzanne Rheinstein, Suzanne Rheinstein & Associates

A detail of Gjertrud Hals’s knitted copper wall piece.

“At Maria Wettergren Galerie, there was an extraordinary panel of knitted copper by Gjertrud Hals. It was so delicate, and there was a tiny piece of metal with a little polar bear the size of your fingernail. This type of work is something I’ve never seen before, yet it reminded me of how you would hang an old-fashioned American quilt.” –Nina Campbell, Nina Campbell Interiors

A light by Barnaby Barford. Photo: Courtesy of David Gill

“The sheer scale of this chandelier by Barnaby Barford at David Gill Gallery is simply arresting. I was drawn to the intricate way the glass shards created a pierced light effect, along with the glow of the red sphere, which happens to be my favorite color.” –Jesse Carrier, Carrier & Co.

A ceramic vessel by Kate Malone. Photo: ©Sylvain Deleu. Courtesy of Adrian Sassoon

“I’ve loved the work of British ceramicist Kate Malone from the first time I saw her work over 20 years ago. Her bold and energetic forms fired with her hand-mixed glazes are incredibly original. The piece at London’s Adrian Sassoon combines both her geometric atomic forms and cartoons of nature to create a piece that is truly signature. The large orb in the center where the two languages merge features the uncontrollable crystalline patterns that occur in the kiln, and a center point for the viewer. I snatched it up for a client.” –Jamie Drake, Drake/Anderson

Gal Gaon’s Pebble Table. Photo: Stephanie Goto

“The sculptural black Pebble Table by Gal Gaon at Hostler Burrows was so simple yet powerful. The textures simultaneously evoke earth and water.” –Stephanie Goto, STEPHANIEGOTO

Three bas-relief panels by Nina Helms. Photo: Courtesy of Maison Gerard

“I’m completing a project in Palm Beach and in lieu of more-expected paintings, we have been focusing on sculptural and textural elements to hang on the walls. The massive trio of contemporary bas-relief panels by Nina Helms at Maison Gerard is the perfect finishing touch for a 25-foot-long expanse in the master bedroom that is perpendicular to a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean.” –Arthur Dunnam, Arthur Dunnam for Jed Johnson Studio

The Jean Royère desk from Galerie Chastel-Maréchal. Photo: Galerie Chastel Marechal

“My favorite piece was the Jean Royère desk from Paris’s Galerie Chastel-Maréchal. The scale is perfect for New York City apartments, and the color adds a dash of pop. The graphic design of the legs is light and modern all at once. It’s just perfect.” –Richard Mishaan, Richard Mishaan Design

Stefan Bishop’s Agaricus Coffee Table. Photo: Courtesy of Cristina Grajales Gallery

“The Stefan Bishop Agaricus table at Cristina Grajales Gallery transforms an organic material into a sculptural yet luxurious piece of art, while still being incredibly functional.” –Kathleen Ryan, Ychelle Interior Design

Magnifier Ceiling Lamp by Formafantasma. Photo: Giustini/Stagerri, Galleria 0. Roma

“At Giustini/Stagerri, Galleria 0. Roma, I found these hanging light sculptures. Unique and beautiful, the lights by Formafantasma have a round shape that catches the eye and creates a beautiful light source. Two or three over a dining table would be sensational.” –John Barman, John Barman, Inc.

Eliel Saarinen’s suite. Photo: Courtesy of Modernity

“I loved the Eliel Saarinen suite at Stockholm’s Modernity. The scale of the chairs vis-a-vis the table and the architectural structure of the group seems particularly illustrative of the Scandinavian Art Moderne moment that Saarinen was authoring while still in his native Finland.” –Jeffrey Povero, Povero&Company

Maren Kloppman’s Wall Pillows Blue Rectangle 1 Photo: Tom Kligerman

Maren Kloppman’s Wall Pillows Blue Rectangle 1 at Hostler Burrows combines rigorous geometric precision and rich ceramic materiality. I am drawn to the dense random composition of lozenge forms and the overlaid regular geometry of the cobalt rectangle. These dualities are the kinds of things I strive for in the houses I design.” –Tom Kligerman, Ike Kligerman Barkley


Cover: The Salon Art + Design takes over New York’s Park Avenue Armory.
Photo: Courtesy of Madison/BFA


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