Thomas Moran, Green River, Wyoming, 1883.
Photo: Courtesy of Sothebys

Auction of the Week: Thom Browne Curates ‘Visions of America’ Sotheby’s Sale

A luminous canvas by Thomas Moran and a portrait of George Washington are among the highlights

Thom Browne Photo: Courtesy of Blaine Davis

Sotheby’s New York has tapped the famed American fashion designer and CFDA chairman Thom Browne to curate one of its upcoming “Visions of America” auctions. The sale, which takes place from January 20 to 29 in New York, was previously known as Americana Week.

The week presents unparalleled examples of American art and objects spanning the 17th century to today, as well as events and other special programming. On offer this year is a diverse array of fine art, furniture, fashion, decorative arts, folk art, historic maps, books, whiskey, manuscripts, and more. Along with the auction, the pieces are now view to the public in an exhibition designed by Corey Damen Jenkins covering three floors of gallery space at the New York headquarters.

Browne, who is a passionate art collector, created a special edit of nine key works that he personally resonated with most, including Charles Willson Peale’s portrait of George Washington and Thomas Moran’s painting Green River, Wyoming as well as a pair of Chippendale chairs and a Qing Dynasty bowl.

Thomas Moran, Green River, Wyoming, 1883 Photo: Courtesy of Sothebys

“What inspires me is really work that shows the true individuality of the artist that’s actually creating,” Browne tells Galerie. “What is important for people to take away from this curation is the idea of approaching art from a more personal point of view and being able to really love what you personally want to love instead of being told what you should love.”

A Chinese Export Hong Punch Bowl Qing Dynasty, Qianlong Period, Photo: Courtesy of Sothebys

The Wolf Family Collection, Acme of Perfection. Photo: Courtesy of Sothebys

Browne’s own collection is informed by passion and he and husband Andrew Bolton only acquire things they like that feel “distinctly American and represent America in the best way. We are drawn to timeless pieces that complement our life and the world we live in. We of course have our favorite artists, but everything is mostly instinctual.”

Part of Browne’s involvement at Sotheby’s also included a special online fashion sale, CFDA: Defining American Style, marking a first for the CFDA and for Sotheby’s Americana week. The auction includes work by 37 brands and CFDA members, which have been donated by the designers themselves, representing American fashion from the 1970s to the present day. Proceeds from the “Defining American Style” auction will go toward funding scholarships and mentorship for rising designers through the CFDA Foundation.

Cover: Thomas Moran, Green River, Wyoming, 1883.
Photo: Courtesy of Sothebys


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