Installation of Salon 94's booth at TEFAF New York 2024.
Photo: Courtesy Salon 94

Top Designers Share Highlights from TEFAF New York 2024

Jamie Drake, Stewart Manger, Ellie Cullman, and Adam Charlap Hyman share the pieces that caught their eye on opening day

It’s well and truly art fair season in New York City, as dozens of fairs have set up shop across the past few weeks. But art lovers were showing no signs of fair fatigue as The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) opened its grand doors to VIPs and press on May 9. Located at the storied Park Avenue Armory, where it has been based for the past decade, this edition brings its unique assortment of museum-quality art, jewelry, antiquities, and design objects. As always, the champagne (Ruinart, no less) and oysters flowed freely as guests made their way through the vibrant, flower-decorated aisles.

Setting itself apart from the original Maastricht edition, the New York fair is known for its mix of modern and contemporary art but maintains its unique mix of genres, eras, and aesthetics and European flavor. On the VIP opening day, Galerie asked some of the nation’s leading interior designers to select the artwork or object that caught their eye. Below, see their top choices.

Magdalene Odundo, Untitled, (2013) & Untitled, (2013) presented by Offer Waterman. Photo: Courtesy Offer Waterman

1. Ceramic pots by Magdalene Odundo at Offer Waterman

“Two stunningly serene and minimal pots by Dame Magdalen Odundo generated a great sense or awe and calm in me. The voluptuous hand coiled ceramic  forms balanced by tiny ear-like handles have a sense of wit in addition to their wonder. The burnished smoky glazes speak of the fire which they emerged from. Placed side by side, I could envision them on a fireplace mantel commanding attention on the focal point of a room.” — Jamie Drake, Co-Founder of Drake/Anderson

David Wiseman's Owl on a Weeping Cherry presented by Salon 94. Photo: Courtesy Salon 94

2. David Wiseman’s Owl on a Weeping Cherry at Salon 94

“This poetic piece by David Wiseman called hoo-hoo, hoo-hoo to me. The owl site serenely, and alertly, on a delicate branch of a weeping cherry tree, dripping with early spring porcelain buds. I would mount this up high on the wall of a breakfast room, blessing one with wisdom and grace to start the day.” — Jamie Drake, Co-Founder of Drake/Anderson

Bouke de Vries, Pink Burst, (2023) presented by Adrian Sassoon. Photo: Courtesy of the artist and Adrian Sassoon

3. Bouke de Vries Vase at Adrian Sassoon

“I enjoyed my visit to TEFAF. The show is filled with masterpieces from the 20th century. Among the fabulous paintings by Cy Twobly, Mirandi and Gerhard Richter the piece that caught my eye was a vase by Bouke de Vriese. I have always been interested in the decorative arts and enjoy incorporating them into my interior design. I enjoy looking for pieces by living artist that reference the past. This vase by de Vriese has a traditional shape that has been manipulated into a contorted shape and incorporates 17th, 18th and 19th century Chinese porcelain pieces. A creative way to recall the past in a contemporary object. The color is also eye catching and would work well in a modern interior. The vase would liven up any interior and the price is not prohibitive to present to a client. For all of these reasons and the light hearted amusement of the shape I highlight this piece.” — Stewart Manger, Founder of Stewart Manger Interior Design

Pierre Chareau MB241A' GAME TABLE, C. 1926 presented by Galerie Marcilhac. Photo: Stephane Briolant; courtesy Galerie Marcilhac

4. Pierre Chareau Table at Galerie Marcilhac

“It’s literally the most unusual game table I have even seen. And the provenance is Pierre Chareau 1926 designed for the iconic Maison Verre in Paris. Made of Brazilian rosewood, the game table itself is centered diagonally on a console complete with recessed brass ashtrays – totally a show stopper!” — Ellie Cullman, Founder of Cullman & Kravis

Cube Statue from New Kingdom, Dynasty XVIII, circa 1550–1292 BC presented by Galerie Chenel. Photo: Courtesy Galerie Chenel

5.  Cube Statue from New Kingdom, Dynasty XVIII, circa 1550–1292 BC at Galerie Chenel | Stand 210

“This breathtaking ancient Egyptian basalt bust has an undeniable gravitas. I don’t think you need to be a specialist in Egyptian artifacts to feel strongly moved by this work.” —Adam Charlap Hyman, Co-Founder, Charlap Hyman & Herrero

“Le Printemps Dyonisiaque” Bronze Box by Line Vautrin. Circa 1945. Photo: Courtesy Galerie Chastel-Maréchal

6. Line Vautrin Bronze Box at Galerie Chastel-Maréchal 

“This precious jewelry-like bronze box with a mother of pearl inlaid lid is a magical little object by the incredible artist Line Vautrin. Vautrin is known for her elegant, finely-worked creations in metal. This is a wonderful example that would be beautiful adorning a side table or just sitting on a mantle. I have always been drawn to her.” —Adam Charlap Hyman, Principal of Charlap Hyman & Herrero

Cover: Installation of Salon 94's booth at TEFAF New York 2024.
Photo: Courtesy Salon 94


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