The island boasts two houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Photo: Douglas Elliman

Private Island with Two Frank Lloyd Wright Homes Lists for $12.9 Million

The iconic architect designed two houses that grace a ten-acre island in New York’s scenic Hudson Valley

A private island boasting a pair of homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright has hit the market for $12.9 million.

The listing is not without some controversy, however, as the larger of the homes was built after Wright’s death and without his firm’s involvement. Wright was reportedly commissioned to build the house for a couple in the early 1950s, but they later realized the costs were prohibitive. So, as an alternative, Wright conceived a 1,200-square-foot cottage for the ten-acre island.

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A few decades and several owners later, Wright’s vision for the original 5,000-square-foot house on the island came to life. In the early 2000s, Joseph and Barbara Massaro, the island’s then owners, came across Wright’s original sketches and blueprints for the larger house. They hired Thomas A. Heinz, an expert in Wright’s design, to complete the house, albeit with a few alterations. The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, unhappy with tweaks made to some of the designs, refuses to acknowledge the house as part of the celebrated architect’s body of work.

The newer four-bedroom house features a helipad on its roof. The original structure is now used as guest cottage. Sitting in the middle of the New York’s Lake Mahopac, the estate is only accessible by boat or helicopter.

The property is listed with Margaret Harrington of Douglas Elliman.

Triangular skylights line the ceiling of the entryway, which also features exposed rock. Photo: Douglas Elliman
The home features a cantilevered portion—a Wright trademark—that juts out over the lake. Photo: Douglas Elliman
The dining room leads out onto a deck overlooking Lake Mahopac. Photo: Douglas Elliman
Exposed rock is built into the kitchen and used as additional counter space. Photo: Douglas Elliman
The master bedroom boasts a fireplace and a private balcony. Photo: Douglas Elliman
A helipad sits on top of the main house, which is otherwise accessible only by boat. Photo: Douglas Elliman
Cover: The island boasts two houses designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.
Photo: Douglas Elliman


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