Friend of My Heart by Fadekemi Ogunsanya.

Next Big Thing: Fadekemi Ogunsanya

The London-based painter has achieved a striking visual language right out of the gate

Fadekemi Ogunsanya

Fadekemi Ogunsanya. Photo: FARIDAH FOLAWIYO

Few artists achieve a striking visual language right out of the gate. But Fadekemi Ogunsanya’s paintings evince a master in the making, as she uses aesthetic motifs and strict parameters to explore her creative process.

“Once I gave myself a color palette, a whole world opened up,” says the Nigerian artist from her London studio. “You know where the boundaries are.”

Character study: “I’m always trying to have things that are recognizable to help you identify with the characters I paint over and over again,” she explains.

Ogunsanya sees her work as objects, rather than paintings, a facet of her educational background, having received a master’s from the Architectural Association in London in 2020. “I started making paintings out of creative frustration,” she confesses. “I started sharing my paintings on Instagram in 2016, and I would get a lot of feedback about the emotional themes I was trying to express. I think it was a way to connect with other people about being alive and existing.” 

Fadekemi Ogunsanya’s 2023 work Beauty Queen. Photo: ROB HARRIS

Fadekemi Ogunsanya’s 2023 work Sense of Self. Photo: ROB HARRIS

“Fadekemi’s work is a poetic blend of African culture with spirituality, mythology, and folk art, painting Black bodies and figures in indigo as a means to enhance their power”

Tokini Peterside-Schwebig
Fadekemi Ogunsanya

Breathing Out I Smile by Fadekemi Ogunsanya. Photo: ROB HARRIS

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Cover: Friend of My Heart by Fadekemi Ogunsanya.


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