Natalia Miyar.
Photo: Darren Chung

Natalia Miyar Designs an Otherworldly Dining Room Inspired by a Work by Hernan Bas

Galerie asked the London-based designer to curate an interior using a painting from a favorite artist as inspiration

Striking a balance between spaces that feel at once natural and glamorous, London-based designer Natalia Miyar is a master of the mix. She doesn’t shy away from utilizing a kaleidoscopic palette of colors or juxtaposing radically different textures such as velvet and stone. Often looking to art for inspiration, she made a major impression at this year’s Masterpiece London art fair by creating a private dining room sheathed in a custom Fromental wallpaper that channeled both the artwork of Wifredo Lam and her Cuban-American heritage.

“The work of Hernan Bas is magical in the way it combines fantasy and reality,” says Miyar. “His dreamy landscapes and incredible colors remind me of my childhood in Miami. I envision this work in a dining room there, where its arresting quality could be set off by an equally graphic composition.”

Lost (2006) by Hernan Bas. Photo: Courtesy of Perrotin

Lost (2006) by Hernan Bas.

Belterra chandelier by Tech Lighting Photo: Courtesy of Circa Lighting

Belterra chandelier by Tech Lighting;

RS Ceramic Vessel 10 vase by Reinaldo Sanguino. Photo: Courtesy of the Future Perfect

RS Ceramic Vessel 10 vase by Reinaldo Sanguino;

Conrad dining table by Palecek. Photo: Courtesy of Palecek

Conrad dining table by Palecek;

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Chair #2 by Chris Lehrecke. Photo: Courtesy of Chris Lehrecke and Ralph Pucci

Chair #2 by Chris Lehrecke;

Vertigo rug by Kyle Bunting. Photo: Courtesy of Kyle Bunting

Vertigo rug by Kyle Bunting;

Daybed by Kevin Walz. Photo: Courtesy of Ralph Pucci

Daybed by Kevin Walz;

Paulownia box with red-gold leaf, mother-of-pearl inlay, gesso, resin, lacquer, and pigment by Nancy Lorenz. Photo: Courtesy of R & Company

Paulownia box with red-gold leaf, mother-of-pearl inlay, gesso, resin, lacquer, and pigment by Nancy Lorenz;

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Cover: Natalia Miyar.
Photo: Darren Chung


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