Black Sand Beachfront Suite Queen at Kona Village, a Rosewood Resort.
Photo: Rosewood Hotel Group

Hotel of the Week: Hawaii’s Famed Kona Village Is Revived as a Rosewood Resort

The beloved Big Island hideaway is showing off a meticulous renovation by Walker Warner Architects and Nicole Hollis

After more than a decade of dormancy on the Big Island of Hawaii, the iconic Kona Village hotel has been reborn as the first Rosewood Resort in the Aloha State. Nestled on the picturesque shores of Kohala Coast, this 150-key sanctuary of organic luxury harmoniously blends tropical charm and forward-thinking elegance in equal measure.

Designed by Hawaii-raised architect Greg Warner of Walker Warner Architects with interiors by San Francisco–based designer Nicole Hollis, the resort epitomizes thoughtful craftsmanship. Together, the team has resurrected the beloved hideaway, shuttered since 2011, leaving guests enchanted by the balance struck between honoring tradition and embracing modernity.

Moana dining venue. Photo: Rosewood Hotel Group

Thoughtful design flows throughout the 81-acre property, with structures crafted to highlight and harmonize with the island’s diverse geography. Nestled discretely along the tree line, buildings channel the luxury of oceanfront living, constructed with trade winds in mind and using responsibly sourced materials, giving life to an aesthetic both striking and low impact.


This Architectural Marvel in Hawaii Lives Up to Its Breathtaking Setting

The 150 standalone guest hales (a type of local bungalow) are scattered in village-like crescents, paying homage to traditional Hawaiian housing while offering a refined beachfront experience. Inside, Hollis has crafted unique indoor-outdoor retreats, each a homage to the natural beauty of Kaʻūpūlehu. From the rich blues and yellows of the agrarian South Village to the deep greens of the lagoons, each hale offers a color scheme thoughtfully tied to its surrounding landscapes.

View of the property’s shoreline. Photo: Rosewood Hotel Group

At Kona Village, the luxury extends far beyond the physical aesthetic. A dedicated cultural center and the Asaya Spa, built into the black lava flow, offer a unique wellness journey, echoing the land’s sacred energy, or mana. In addition, five on-site food and beverage concepts weave Pacific Rim flavors with the bounty of Hawaii, offering a unique experience that complements the resort’s immersive style. Step into a reimagined era of Hawaiian hospitality.

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The Moana pool. Photo: Rosewood Hotel Group

Talk Story Bar on the beach. Photo: Rosewood Hotel Group

Shipwreck. Photo: Rosewood Hotel Group

Cover: Black Sand Beachfront Suite Queen at Kona Village, a Rosewood Resort.
Photo: Rosewood Hotel Group


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