Jenni Kayne.
Photo: Adrian Martin

Jenni Kayne Discusses the Artist Who Melds With Her California-Cool Style

The designer and author opens up about the deep connection she has to a Mary Corse artwork

My sister Maggie is the co-owner of an amazing Los Angeles gallery, Kayne Griffin, which represents a lot of super talented artists, including Mary Corse. When I went to see a show of Mary’s white and black paintings at the gallery, I was totally drawn to her work, just absolutely fell in love. At that time, all of her paintings were very large, so I kept tracking what Mary was doing and any time Maggie showed her work I was the first one there.

Mary Corse’s Untitled (White Multiband) (2000) in the living room of designer Jenni Kayne. Photo: Angi Welsch

When this piece came around I was so excited. While it may initially look simple, when you see it in person, the texture and the variations in the white tones are really magical. Mary suggested hanging it where it gets sun, so I have it in our living room, next to a staircase that is a focal point of the house. There’s a huge wall of windows next to it, so it looks different throughout the day, which I love. There is so much detail in this piece, and it feels dynamic.

Jenni Kayne, whose book Pacific Natural at Home (Rizzoli) comes out this month. Photo: Adrian Martin

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I think that art should act like the jewelry of the house, complementing the interior design, and I love the vibe around this painting, with the table, the ceramic lamp, and other small objects. That whole corner just makes me happy.

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Cover: Jenni Kayne.
Photo: Adrian Martin


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