Mallorca’s Hotel Mamá.
Photo: Nicolas Matheus

Jacques Grange-Designed Hotel Mamá Opens in Mallorca

The legendary Parisian designer's latest conjures a mediterranean oasis

Cappuccino Grand Cafe. Photo: Nicolas Matheus

When Paris design legend Jacques Grange says he has a “coup de coeur”—when he falls in love with something—the cognoscenti find out what it is.

His latest is Mallorca’s Hotel Mamá, whose 32 rooms Grange designed. Located in the capital of Palma and occupying a formerly derelict 19th-century building with a palm-lined courtyard, the boutique establishment is more home than hotel, with elaborate frescoes, hand-painted columns, and tiled floors mixing with artworks by Sean Scully, Wendy Artin drawings evocative of the island’s Roman history, and a cardboard forest by Eva Jospin.

As the debut hospitality project of Spain’s Grupo Cappuccino, it might not be a surprise that the property also houses a Cappuccino Grand Café outpost on the ground floor. (A chic Asian restaurant called Tahini Japanese is now open as well.)

The four-story building also boasts a private cinema room, fitness center, and spa—not to mention a rooftop terrace that will feature a lounge, and pool with breathtaking views of the historic city. Rooms start at $270 per night. Check in to check it out.

The Deluxe Junior Suite has intricate blue tiling on the floors. Photo: Nicolas Matheus
The Aitana Suite. Photo: Nicolas Matheus
Cappuccino Grand Cafe. Photo: Nicolas Matheus


Cover: Mallorca’s Hotel Mamá.
Photo: Nicolas Matheus


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