An East End, Long Island, retreat conceived by Robert A.M. Stern Architects.

Editor in Chief Jacqueline Terrebonne Debuts Galerie’s Artful Escapes Issue

The summer issue features inspiring homes, thought-provoking artists, and ravishing destinations from around the world

Jacqueline Terrebonne. Photo: MELANIE DUNEA

“Now more than ever” seems to be the phrase I’ve been inundated with during these past few months. It’s been applied to almost all aspects of life, and although I generally eschew the overdone, I keep coming back to those words for just how accurate and poignant they are, especially for our team at Galerie. Here, we find that our passion for art, homes, and travel has never been stronger—and that’s exactly what we’ve celebrated in these pages.

With art, that translates into its power to inspire, influence, and energize. The rising stars in “On Our Radar” are creating works that reflect the human condition in unique ways. For our “Studio Visit” with David Salle, our well-laid plans for a shoot in his Brooklyn studio had to be scrapped in late March. Photographer François Dischinger rose to the challenge, heading out to the artist’s studio in the Hamptons to shoot him at a distance while still giving us a close look at the painter’s enduring allure.

The cover of our Artful Escapes issue features the East Hampton retreat of designer Bryan Graybill and his husband, attorney Daniel Dokos. Photo: Eric Piasecki

Equally enticing, the art-filled houses in this issue are just the kind of escapes that offer the warmth of home while transporting us to something outside the everyday. In East Hampton, Robert A.M. Stern Architects resuscitates what many would have considered a teardown into a glorious getaway by raising the ceilings and adding a plethora of porches. We’re also swept away to Maine, where an architectural gem, originally designed by artist Isamu Noguchi, perches on the craggy coast. Just one of the retreats featured in editor at large Jennifer Ash Rudick’s new book, Summer to Summer (Vendome), it conveys someone’s personal ideal of how to enjoy the most carefree months of the year.

David Salle’s Hamptons studio. Photo: FRANÇOIS DISCHINGER

Of course, for many of us the long days of summer are usually spent hopping planes to far-flung destinations. While that might not be on the agenda just yet, we’re bringing you the inspiration that comes with those journeys. And some of the most sought-after interior designers suggest ways you can capture the magic of a hotel in your home. Now that’s something worth checking out, especially as we increasingly embrace the beauty of art and design—whether we’re at home or dreaming of being somewhere far away.

Summer to Summer by Jennifer Ash Rudick. Photo: COURTESY OF VENDOME PRESS

An East End, Long Island, retreat conceived by Robert A.M. Stern Architects. Photo: ERIC PIASECKI/OTTO

A Charles Zana–designed resort in Saint-Tropez. Photo: MATTHIEU SALVAING

Cover: An East End, Long Island, retreat conceived by Robert A.M. Stern Architects.


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