Art Studio transformed at Kellogg Doolittle House for Hennessy Paradis Dinner.
Photo: Happy Monday

See How Hennessy Transformed This Architectural Gem for an Alicia Keys Concert

Marking the singer’s new campaign with Hennessy Paradis, the intimate show was held at the famed Kellogg Doolitte House in Joshua Tree, California

Hennessy Paradis Display at DJ Booth. Photo: Happy Monday

A stunning architectural landmark in California was transformed for one special night by Hennessy Paradis, widely regarded as one of the most luxurious cognacs available. The intimate evening, which took place at Joshua Tree’s famed Kellogg Doolittle Residence, centered around an acoustic performance by Alicia Keys, who was recently named the maison’s first ever female brand partner. Around 40 guests attended the show, including Keys’s husband, Swizz Beats, Gabrielle Union, Adam DiMarco, Elizabeth Olsen, and Troye Sivan.

Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright protégé Kendrick Bangs Kellogg, the dazzling residence is considered one of the most dramatic examples of organic architecture, with a series of 26 undulating cast-concrete ribs acting as structural support instead of traditional walls or framing. Although it was dreamed up in the 1980s, the 4,600-square-foot dwelling (which can be rented on Airbnb) was not fully realized until 2014, with its boulder-embedded interiors being handled by interior designer John Vugrin.

For the one-night-only performance, Hennessy completely transformed the home and its grounds as a “Paradis(e) is on Earth,” featuring an installation of sculptural bottles of Hennessy Paradis, which was first introduced by Hennessy’s sixth-generation master blender, Maurice Fillioux, in 1979. Celebrated for its painstaking blending process, lengthy maturation, and smooth essence, Paradis served as the perfect complement to the organic architecture of the residence.

Following the performance, the 15-time Grammy award-winner and other VIP guests had a celebratory dinner inside the residence, then finished the night at the Hermann Bungalows in nearby Palm Springs, sipping Paradis cocktails in the chic desert hideaway.

See photos from the event below.

Alicia Keys Private Performance as the new face of Hennessy Paradis. Photo: MARC PATRICK/BFA

Friends Elizabeth Olsen, Alicia Keys, and Gabrielle Union celebrate Hennessy Paradis campaign ‘Paradis(e) Is On Earth.’ Photo: MARC PATRICK/BFA

Hennessy Paradis DJ Booth set up for DJs Ross One and Harley Viera Newton. Photo: Happy Monday

The Kellogg Doolitte House in Joshua Tree, California. Photo: Kellogg Doolittle House

Hennessy Paradis on Alicia’s piano prior to her private performance. Photo: Happy Monday

Hennessy Paradis Tablescape in the transformed Kellogg Doolittle House Art Studio. Photo: Happy Monday

Hennessy Paradis Decanter Customization "Hennessy Hands." Photo: Happy Monday

Cover: Art Studio transformed at Kellogg Doolittle House for Hennessy Paradis Dinner.
Photo: Happy Monday


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