Photo: Courtesy of MINDTHEGAP

MINDTHEGAP’s New Sundance Villa Collection Is Inspired by the Mediterranean

Immerse yourself in sun-kissed island life with these maritime-inspired patterns

Transylvania-based lifestyle brand MINDTHEGAP’s new collection pairs chic Mediterranean with maritime-inspired patterns and features cushions and furnishings that exemplify European craft. The abundance of aquatic life—from plush seaweed to beautiful seashells and natural corals—inspired the designers to create a line of wallpaper and fabrics that reflect a distinctive coastal aesthetic. Totally unique and charming, the range of patterns also includes hand-drawn Ikat motifs specific to Aegean culture and authentic Greek elements reimagined by MINDTHEGAP’s talented artists. The tranquil elegance of a coastal lifestyle is juxtaposed with an eclectic mix of luxury and comfort, brought to life in nautical shades of blue, red, and white.

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Photo: Courtesy of MINDTHEGAP


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