Photo: Joshua McHugh

Eleven Madison Park Debuts Incredible Sol LeWitt Room

Architect Brad Cloepfil revamps the world’s No. 1 restaurant and gussies up the private dining room with a priceless work of art

How do you make a windowless, 500-square-foot dining room as memorable as your cuisine? When you’re chef Daniel Humm of New York City’s Eleven Madison Park, you turn to art. This summer, he collaborated with architect Brad Cloepfil of Allied Works to give the restaurant—currently ranked No. 1 on the World’s 50 Best list—a total makeover that features artworks by Daniel Turner, Olympia Scarry, and Rita Ackermann. When his friend Sofia LeWitt, daughter of celebrated artist Sol LeWitt, proposed including a piece by her father, Humm couldn’t resist. After a three-week installation, Wall Drawing No. 768 brilliantly envelops the restaurant’s private dining space—much to Humm’s delight. “In a museum, you just walk past the art,” he notes. “Here, it grows on you over the course of a three-hour meal. It’s how art comes to life.”

The private dining space at Eleven Madison Park. Photo: Joshua McHugh
Sol LeWitt’s Wall Drawing No. 768 covers the room. Photo: Joshua McHugh
A detail of the colorful wall mural. Photo: Joshua McHugh
The chic bar area of Eleven Madison Park. Photo: Joshua McHugh
A monolithic sculpture by Daniel Turner serves as a step to the dining room, which features a work by Rita Ackermann. Photo: Joshua McHugh
Another view of the luxe space. Photo: Joshua McHugh
Photo: Joshua McHugh


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