The living room of a Las Vegas residence designed by Daniel Joseph Chenin.
Photo: Douglas Friedman

Go Inside a Cinematic Las Vegas Residence Conceived by Designer Daniel Joseph Chenin

Dramatic sightlines, bold accents, and a thoughtful collection of art make the interiors of this Las Vegas home as visually arresting as its sweeping vistas

Like many designers, Daniel Joseph Chenin found his phone ringing during the pandemic with clients looking to relocate in the quest for more space. The Las Vegas-based principal received a multitude of those calls from Californians, lured by the vast Nevada landscape that offered plenty of room to roam. One such couple had purchased multiple acres in an exclusive luxury community and were looking to construct a primary residence with enough square footage to host their adult children and grandchildren as well as their extensive collection of art. “It was a total blank slate,” says Chenin of the couple’s parcel. “We did it as a turnkey project for them.”

For this Las Vegas home, designed by Daniel Joseph Chenin, a multitude of outdoor seating areas are all outfitted with McKinnon & Harris furnishings and Tuuci umbrellas. Photo: Douglas Friedman

Being so close to one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, the clients wanted the home to have the atmosphere of a boutique hotel, with a grand entrance that gives way to visually stunning public areas that then evolve into sanctuary-like suites. “From the moment you arrive, even before you cross the threshold, it starts that whole progression of being pulled into a resort,” says the designer, who launched his career designing high-end hospitality projects around the world.

Hidden from the street, the 20,000-square foot, H-shaped residence is accessed through a long, narrow drive that opens into an auto court excavated from the mountain. The structure itself is tucked into the hill, meaning the property slowly reveals itself in stages. In the design, the lower portion of the H is reserved for the husband and wife, the middle section the communal areas, and the third portion the guest wing, which can be closed off when not in use, adding to the home’s efficiency. “We were trying to limit the amount of hallways and corridors, so you can move through spaces and experience the house through rooms, much like a hotel,” says Chenin.

The client's collection featured moody landscapes by artists like William Crothers Fitler and Mauritz Frederick Hendrick de Haas, which flank a sculptural vessel on a white onyx plinth. The benches are by Sherrill Canet. Photo: Douglas Friedman

The residence’s cinematic atmosphere is presented right from the get-go, with a dark entry hall leading to a 12-foot bronze door with a radiant pattern that nods to the circular theme displayed throughout, the motif an homage to the idea of the family coming together at the property. From there, visitors enter a grand outdoor room that offers views straight through the residence and out over the landscape to the bright lights of the Las Vegas Strip.

Doors and thoroughfares are framed by a striking black border, an architectural parallel to the couple’s art collection. “Once we found out that they had this huge collection of Hudson River School paintings that are characterized by this beautiful frame, we decided that we needed to use that to create scenes as you move through the house,” says Chenin.

In the dining room, an ethereal John Richard chandelier surmounts a bespoke table set with oval back Nancy Corzine chairs Chenin enhanced with custom embroidery. Photo: Douglas Friedman

Within those emphasized boundaries, the designer needed to select pieces that held their own, adhering to the client’s request for an interior that was both modern and traditional. To that end, he installed contemporary Warren Platner chairs from Knoll with a classic Baker sofa in the living room that also boasts a bright blue Dunn Edwards paint and 12-foot orange onyx fireplace. An expansive table by Chenin is set with oval-back dining chairs customized with a metallic embroidery in the dining room and the office boasts a bespoke desk made using burlwood, marble, and leather situated in front of eye-catching shelves comprised of brushed brass, silver leaf, and oak shelves. “These spaces are big, but they’re cozy,” explains the designer. “There’s lots of little details; it’s pretty sophisticated and glam in a way that nods to old Vegas.”

“It’s pretty sophisticated and glam in a way that nods to old Vegas”

Daniel Joseph Chenin

Since the completion of the three-year project, the designer has gone on to craft multiple residences for family (including California homes for the couple’s children). “Our whole philosophy when we work with a client is to try to develop that relationship to so there’s no honeymoon on the next project,” says the designer. “You can just jump into doing real work.”

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Go Inside a Cinematic Las Vegas Residence Conceived by Designer Daniel Joseph Chenin

Cover: The living room of a Las Vegas residence designed by Daniel Joseph Chenin.
Photo: Douglas Friedman


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