Daniel Arsham with Rock. 01
Photo: Courtesy of Kohler

Daniel Arsham Unveils a Sculptural 3D-Printed Sink with Kohler in Miami

Inspired by the stones found around his Long Island home, the multi-hyphenate creative used Kohler’s innovative technology to create the limited-edition piece

The celebrated multidisciplinary artist Daniel Arsham is certainly no stranger to collaborations. In just the past few years, he has teamed up with Pokémon, Porsche, and Tiffany and Co. Now, he is revealing a limited-edition, 3D-printed sink made in collaboration with Kohler, which will go on view at this year’s Design Miami/.

Rock.01 Photo: Courtesy of Kohler

Crafted using the brand’s new cutting-edge ceramic-printing technology, the piece is dubbed “Rock.01” and it features an asymmetric basin nestled against a round brass form in the artist’s signature patina that is sure to make a statement in any bathroom. The idea was said to be sparked during the early months of the pandemic when the artist was confined to his Long Island home experimenting with what he had around him—rocks, stones, and his son’s Play-Doh.

“Rock.01 melds the future of 3D-printing technology with the most basic methods of hand-cast brass,” says Arsham. “It is literally the new resting on top of the old, and I find that incredibly poetic.”

Rock. 01. Photo: Courtesy of Kohler

Rock.01 in process. Photo: Courtesy of Kohler

Daniel Arsham working on his creation. Photo: Courtesy of Kohler

Rock. 01 in process. Photo: Courtesy of Kohler

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Cover: Daniel Arsham with Rock. 01
Photo: Courtesy of Kohler


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