The Maybourne Bar by André Fu.

The Artful Life: 5 Things Galerie Editors Love This Week

From Dior’s fashionable fitness collaboration with Technogym to the new Maybourne Bar in Beverly Hills

Hugh Hayden. Photo: William Jess Laird

1. Galerie 2021 Emerging Artist Hugh Hayden takes over Madison Square Park

Transforming three lawns in the park, Hugh Hayden’s major new public art installation, “Brier Patch,” features 100 wooden elementary school-style desks, many of which are erupting with a tangle of overgrown tree branches. Inspired by folklore, the ambitious interactive artwork references the brier patch as a place that is both a respite for some and uninhabitable for others. Visitors are encouraged to take a seat at the desks, but some will quickly realize it is not possible thanks to the overgrowth of tangled branches, a powerful metaphor for the American education system that isn’t available to all. The VIP opening takes place at 5:30 pm on Tuesday, January 18. —Lucy Rees

Nathan Myhrvold, Little House, and Big Storm, on the Prairie, 2021. Photo: Nathan Myhrvold

2. Photographer Nathan Myhrvold Debuts Two New Collections

A scientist, author, chef, and photographer, Nathan Myhrvold upholds a creative practice that readily blurs the lines between all his professions and extends them far beyond their customary boundaries. Previously, he’s captured a snowflake in intricate detail and turned his lens on delectable dishes, documenting their colors and textures to hyperrealistic effect. In his newest series, available through his Modernist Cuisine Gallery, Myhrvold looked to the skies, recording the billowing cloud formations, painterly colors, and dramatic lightening strikes that occurred during a series of spring storms in Texas. Along with the “Weather” collection, he is also debuting “Astro,” otherworldly images taken throughout the American Southwest that transform the Milky Way, meteor showers, and myriad heavenly bodies into painterly displays of color and light. —Jill Sieracki

The product on view at the Dior boutique on Fifth Avenue.

The Milan location. Photo: Giuseppe Macor

3. Dior Introduces Fashionable Fitness Collaboration with Technogym

Turning that longstanding joke that all home-gym equipment eventually becomes a coat rack on its head, fashion powerhouse Dior has partnered with Technogym, perhaps already the most stylish workout gear company, to launch Dior Vibe. Leave it to Dior to make cardio and crunches look this chic. The limited-edition collection of unique home wellness products recasts favorites from the Italian workout brands line, including a MyRun connected treadmill, a multifunctional workout bench, and an exercise ball, gets recast in a crisp white coloration and accented with the Dior star and a band of five horizontal stripes. Available exclusively at 12 pop-up and 5 pop-in stores around the globe (plus at the newly launched virtual pop-up), the covetable pieces are fetching enough they just might make you stick to New Year’s resolution. –Jacqueline Terrebonne

From left to right: "The Banda Journal" by Muhammad Fadli; "What They Saw: Historical Photobooks by Women, 1843–1999"; and "Untitled" by Sasha Phyars-Burgess. Photo: Daniel Salemi for Aperture

4. Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards Exhibition

Celebrating the photobook since 2012, the Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards showcase the top photographers and artists emerging into the world of publishing. Announced this past November at Paris Photo, the winners of the three major award categories include Sasha Phyars-Burgess, Vasantha Yogananthan, Russet Lederman and Olga Yatskevich, Muhammad Fadli and Fatris MF. The full roaster of 35 short-listed artists will be exhibited around the world and the next stop is Printed Matter in New York City, opening this Thursday, January 20. —Stefanie Li


5. André Fu Designs the Maybourne Bar in Beverly Hills

Set within the lavish Maybourne Beverly Hills hotel, the Maybourne Bar is the first U.S. hospitality project by André Fu, the architect and designer behind the Upper House Hotel in Hong Kong and numerous other high-end accommodations across Asia. Paved in a mix of Emperador marble and white Terrazzo, the lobby-level hideaway features a sleek silver onyx bar with polished nickel accents, plus ivory and charcoal walnut paneling that imbue the space with an Art Deco glamor. Works of art come courtesy of British photographer Mary McCartney (daughter of famous Beatle, Paul McCartney), while sheer panels were crafted by French artisan Pietro Seminelli. As for the refreshments, award-winning mixologist Chris Amirault oversees the menu and has created numerous specialty drinks such as ‘Killer Joe,’ his twist on an Espresso Martini made with dulce de leche and coffee from local L.A. brand Maru.—Geoffrey Montes

Cover: The Maybourne Bar by André Fu.


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