Andrew Gn.
Photo: Annie Combaz

Andrew Gn Won a Bidding Frenzy to Acquire This Masterful Ceramic Work

The fashion designer and ceramics obsessive describes the Georges Jouve sculpture he can’t live without

Georges Jouve’s La Poule Blanche (1949) displayed among other ceramics in the home of fashion designer Andrew Gn. Photo: Andrew Gn

“When I arrived in Paris in the early ’90s, I started going to antiques markets. At one in the 15th arrondissement, I found this book that was published in 1965 and written by Michel Faré, then curator of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, about the work of ceramist Georges Jouve. When I opened it, there was a photo of a beautiful white dove in Jouve’s atelier. The piece felt mythical, and I instantly fell in love with it.

The work of Jouve is iconic because it’s very simple, but that’s what makes it perfection. He’s not just a ceramist; he’s more of a sculptor or an artist. Over the years, I have acquired quite a lot of his pieces, but in 2021 I saw that the bird from the book was coming to auction in the estate of Marion Lambert, whose home had been decorated by Jacques Grange. I thought, Oh, my God, it is going to cost an arm and a leg, but I must have it. I did not sleep for two nights before the auction. There was quite a lot of fighting for that piece among bidders around the world, but I finally got it. So I now have that very happy bird in my home, displayed in a group of white ceramics on a Brutalist console in my living room. When I walk past it, I caress it and give a little sigh. Every day I count my blessings to be the temporary owner of this beautiful piece, my beautiful bird.”

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Cover: Andrew Gn.
Photo: Annie Combaz


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