Achile Salvagni silk and parchment cabinet, 2019
Photo: Courtesy of Maison Gerard

22 Extraordinary Objects at the 2023 Winter Show Selected by Top Designers

In an exclusive first look, Galerie asks Bunny Williams, Stephen Sills, Alex Papachristidis, and more to reveal the treasures that caught their eye

There may not be much to look forward to in the bleak depths of January in New York, but The Winter Show certainly remedies that. Now returning for its 69th edition, the renowned arts and antiquities fair sets up shop in the cavernous halls of the landmark Park Avenue Armory on the Upper East Side.

Open from January 20–29, this year’s edition features 68 international exhibitors presenting a delightful smorgasbord of art, antiques, jewelry, and design spanning the past 5,000 years. The show also includes curated presentations, special activations, and programming, as well as thematic displays in collaboration with this year’s notable Design Council Co-chairs. To mark the occasion, Galerie asked the Design Council Co-Chairs Bunny Williams, Stephen Sills, Alex Papachristidis, and Elizabeth Lawrence, as well as inaugural Design Council Rising Stars, Olivia Song, Darren Jett, and Delia Kenza, to share what caught their eye.

James Payne, Audubon Louisiana Heron. Photo: Courtesy of Arader Galleries

1. James Payne, Audubon- Louisiana Heron at Arader Galleries

“I love animals in my interiors. I have always liked Audubons. They look beautiful in contemporary and traditional interiors.” —Alex Papachristidis

Achile Salvagni silk and parchment cabinet, 2019 Photo: Courtesy of Maison Gerard

2. Achille Salvagni Parchment Cabinet at Maison Gerard

“I love Achille Salvagni’s work. His pieces are modern, timeless, and elegant.” —Alex Papachristidis

Blue and White Pyramidal Flower Vase Photo: Courtesy of Aronson Antiquaires

3. Blue and White Pyramidal Flower Vase at Aronson of Amsterdam

“I love Tullipiere, and I love blue and white.” —Alex Papachristidis

George II Period Chinese Red Lacquer Bureau on Stand Photo: Courtesy of Ronald Phillips

4. George II Period Chinese Red Lacquer Bureau on Stand at Ronald Phillips

“I never tire of Chinese lacquer and use my secretary at home every day.” —Alex Papachristidis

Pair of Limestone Springer Spaniels Photo: Courtesy of Barbara Israel Garden Antiques

5. Pair of Limestone Springer Spaniels at Barbara Israel Garden Antiques

“Who doesn’t want a pair of spaniels guarding their garden? These have great scale and beautiful carving.” —Bunny Williams


Early 19th century armchair. Photo: Courtesy of H. Blairman & Sons Ltd

6. Early-19th Century Armchair at Blairman & Sons Ltd.

“Every chair should have personality, and this one certainly does.” —Bunny Williams

Mary Elizabeth Price, Hollyhocks and Delphiniums Photo: Courtesy of Debra Force Fine Art

7. Mary Elizabeth Price, Hollyhocks and Delphiniums, at Debra Force Fine Art

“Mary Elizabeth Price’s interpretation of two of my favorite flowers.” —Bunny Williams

Marc Bankowsky, Vent dans les Feuilles Side Table Photo: Courtesy of Maison Gerard

8. Marc Bankowsky’s Vent dans les Feuilles Side Table at Maison Gerard

“As an avid gardener, I’m always trying to bring the outdoor in.” —Bunny Williams

The Milton Abbey Vardy Mirror Photo: Courtesy of Ronald Phillips

9. Milton Abbey Vardy Mirror at Ronald Philips

“What’s not to love about this mirror? The delicacy of the carving is just amazing.” —Bunny Williams



Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Five-Piece Garniture; Kangxi period, AD 1662-1722. Photo: Courtesy of Ralph M. Chait

10. Chinese Blue and White Porcelain FivePiece Garniture Set at Ralph M. Chait

Who doesn’t love blue and white? These vases and beakers would be great in so many different places. Displayed on top of a large cabinet, mixed in with books on library bookshelves, set out on a console table. These are just classic.” —Elizabeth Lawrence

Carved Gesso Belchier mirror. Photo: Courtesy of Clinton Howell Antiques

11. Carved Gesso Belchier Mirror at Clinton Howell Antiques

“This mirror is a great statement piece with its narrow shape and whimsical carvings. It would be elegant in an entry—a piece you would be delighted to see every time you walk in the door for years and years to come.” —Elizabeth Lawrence

Necklace in yellow gold set with garnets and turquoises, circa 1880 from Véronique Bamps. Photo: Courtesy of Véronique Bamps

12. Circa-1880 Necklace at Véronique Bamps

“This piece is a showstopper and would make a statement whether you were wearing a white collared shirt and jeans or dressed to go out. It’s timeless—something I can see being passed down (and actually worn!) for generations.” —Elizabeth Lawrence

“Service Rousseau”, Tureen Faience, French (Paris), 1866-75 designed by Félix Bracquemond for Eugène Rousseau. Photo: Courtesy of H. Blairman & Sons Ltd

13. “Service Rousseau” Tureen at H. Blairman & Sons Ltd

“This tureen would be equally gorgeous on a dining table, even when it’s not set, or as a functional serving piece at a dinner party. It has a sculptural quality to it, and the delicate birds and beetles make it a great conversation piece.” —Elizabeth Lawrence

Set of Six Panels depicting The Imperial Royal Family, Japan, Meiji period, 2nd half of the 19th century, ca 1870. Photo: Courtesy of Galerie Steinitz

14. Six Circa-1870 Panels Depicting the Imperial Royal Family of Japan at Steinitz

“These portraits are so beautifully rendered. Japanese art is so much in connection with the French 18th-century period in design, originality, and quality.” —Stephen Sills 

Lacquered Chest, Japan, early Edo era, 17th century, circa 1650-1690. Photo: Courtesy of Galerie Steinitz

15. An Early Edo Era Lacquered Chest at Steinitz

“I love this chest on a standthe lacquer is so beautiful. I saw one recently in London, and the quality on these is unbelievable. They make great storage bins along with being amazing objects of art.” —Stephen Sills 

André Groult, pair of fine and rare early Art Deco bergeres, France, circa 1914-15. Photo: Courtesy of Maison Gerard

16. A pair of Art Deco armchairs by André Groult at Maison Gerard

“This pair of André Groult armchairs has been on my wishlist for so long. The feminine curves and tapers, along with the suggestions of surrealism make for a whimsical and subdued statement.” —Darren Jett 

Usumi Kihō, The Raven and the Peacock, Taisho era, 1920s, Japan. Photo: Courtesy of Thomsen

17. Folding Screens by Usumi Kihō at Thomsen

“I was drawn to The Raven and the Peacock screen because I can sense that it carries an intense narrative. It leads the viewer to create their own story. Perhaps the peacock, a symbol of beauty and pride, has dropped a feather that is later discovered by the plain raven who picks it up to parade or recognize his newfound beauty. One can only imagine the scene, but this abstract yet modern composition is undeniable.”Darren Jett

Emerald and Diamond Brooch at Macklowe Photo: Courtesy of Macklowe

18. Carved Emerald and Diamond Pendant at Macklowe

“I usually have a knee-jerk aversion to jade, having been exposed to so many unattractive examples in my youth. But this piece is beautifully proportioned and the carving is exquisitely done. I love the geometric artdeco motifs and a strong color palette.” —Olivia Song

Chelsea White Owl. Photo: Courtesy of Beiny

19. Chelsea White Owl at Michele Beiny, Inc 

“To me, the owl represents Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Athena was also the internal chat system at my college. It predated text and instant messaging. Thanks to Athena, I can type blindfolded, including 1thumbed on my phone’s touchscreen keyboard (which I don’t condone while driving).” —Olivia Song

Michael Dickey, Untitled (Accretion Series), (2022). Photo: Courtesy of Michele Beiny, Inc

20. Michael Dickey, Untitled (Accretion Series) 2022 at Michele Beiny, Inc

I love all the moody colors in these vases” —Delia Kenza

A monumental pair of George III silver candelabra for the Earl of Lonsdale made by Paul Storr of Storr & Co. for Rundell, Bridge & Rundell. Photo: Courtesy of Koopman Rare Art

21. 1816 George III Silver Candelabra at Koopman Rare Art 

I love the drama of candelabras. The gleaming silver and all the detail makes this pair really beautiful.Delia Kenza

Platinum set of earrings with diamonds, circa 1950. Photo: Courtesy of Véronique Bamps

22. Diamond Earrings at Veronique Bamps

“These earrings are edgy and chic.” —Delia Kenza

Cover: Achile Salvagni silk and parchment cabinet, 2019
Photo: Courtesy of Maison Gerard


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